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Domain Registration company In Nepal

Prabhu Host is most popular company in Nepal for domain registration and cheap web hosting service. Prabhudomain is brand under PrabhuHost which provides most affordable domain registration service.In Nepal ,domain registration task become quite challenging because people can't get full control over their domain and apart from this they cannot get full support during problem.But Prabhudomain is dedicated to all the customer and has most amazing customer support service among all domain registar of Nepal.

Domain Registration company In Nepal 

Domain purchased from Prabhudomain has customer Cpanel and they have full control over the domain.

Prabhudomain has following features:

  • Locally accepted payment system
  • Like Esewa, Khalti ,Bank deposit ,Money transfer.
  • Client from Country other than Nepal can pay through PayPal, MasterCard etc
  • Enbuilt with free DNS management
  • Email services
  • Email forwarding
  • Easy Migration of domain
  • Bulk Tools
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • Free email account

How to Register .com Domain in Nepal?

To register .com domain ,all you need to go to and search your desired domain in search tool box and if it is available to register then checkout .

For successful registration you need to sign up to Prabhudomain and choose payment gateway.Till date we have local payment on Esewa,Khalti and Bank like Global IME Bank,NICASIA Bank,Prabhu Bank .

For international Customer ,we have payment gateway like PayPal ,MasterCard,Skrill .

For more enquiry related to payment please follow our payment Support desk.

How to transfer register domain to ?

If you have already registered domain and want to transfer the domain to our system then sign up to Prabhudomain portal and go back to previous domain registar page and generate Secret Code .

If you have trouble in transferring domain to our system then go to support desk .


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